podigpub_2_establishing_the_post_digital_discourse (PDF)

/Additional - moving from the post-human to the post-digital and the 'New Aesthetic'

Keitai Girl by Noriko Yamaguchi (link)
The Quantified Self by Travis Hodges (link)
89Plus (link)
Will the future be post-human or post-digital? (link)
Post-human, post-digital, New Aesthetic music videos (link)
James Bridle on the 'New Aesthetic' (link)
Benjamin Renoux - TONDO#2 (link)
Slideluck Potshow (link)

Writing Machines by Katherine Hayles (link)
The Post-Human Condition by Robert Pepperell (link)
Postdigital Aesthetics; Computaiton and Design by David Berry and Michael Dieter (ed.) (link)


Humanism+ or Transhumanism