podigpub_1b_how_did_we_get_here (PDF)


The Rise of Paper Photography in 1850s France (link)
Edward S Curtis’s ‘The North American Indian’ - complete digital archive (link)
1958 Exhibition of the Photographic Society of London (link)
Anna Atkin’s ‘Photographs of British Algae’ - complete digital archive (link)
Something Else Press (Dick Higgins) - complete digital archive (link)

Book was There
by Andrew Piper (link)
From Codex to Hypertext by Anouk Lang (ed.) (link)
Books to Bytes by Anthony Smith (link)
From Text to Hypertext by Silvio Gaggi (link)
The Century of Artists' Books by Johanna Drucker (link)
Artists books: A Critical Survey of the Literature by Stefan Kilma (link)